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Santiago High School (Corona, California)

Santiago High School is one of the most popular high schools in Riverside County. It is a high school located in Corona, California, member of the Corona-Norco Unified School District. It serves grades 9 through 12.

The athletic teams of the school are known as the Sharks. Because the school runs on a block schedule, students often donít attend every class every day. The day with the least amount of classes is Monday (its classes are around half the duration compared to days from the rest of the week).

Santiago has been known to have a full athletic division, a choir, a band and a video production team. Its students also run a television program that airs about one per month. It is called "Shark TV". Many athletic programs are offered, including the most popular sports for boys and girls. A lot of active students can be found there, usually playing football, soccer, volleyball, and even golf. The school includes a lot of other extracurricular activities in its program.

The Santiago School's website has many features, some of them offering help to the students, like giving them academic tips and instructions for them to be more successful.

The school encourages students to form their clubs, so the school now has approximately 50 student clubs.

There are two types of scholarship offered in the Santiago High School: a local scholarship and a general scholarship. The local scholarships are given out by local businesses and organizations that are partners with the Corona-Norco Unified and Santiago High School. They are given only to students who live in the local area. Santiago's role in the process is helping the students connect with those scholarships.

The general scholarships are offered by businesses and organizations on a national level. All students meeting the specific criteria are eligible to apply.

The Santiago High School has a four year elective program for Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID), designed to prepare students for admission to four-year colleges and universities. It is the most successful program in the nation for preparing students for college. The course is meant to challenge students to be responsible, organized, and to become self-directed learners. Because of this, the expectations for each AVID student are very high. In addition, students are taught study skills, test preparations, time management, and the writing process. The emphasis of the program is on "individual determination"; therefore participation must be voluntary both by the student and the parents.

The AVID student requirements are:
- To maintain enrollment in rigorous honors and college preparation courses with a "C" grade or better.
- To keep track of assignment sheets and take daily notes in all academic classes, which are than graded by college tutors for content and organization.
- To participate in tutorial groups in the AVID classroom, as a very significant part of the student grade, and a key strategy for success in other classes.
- To complete and turn in progress reports to remain in the program.
- Daily reading and/or writing assignments.
- The student has to represent AVID well.
- No behavior problems are allowed.
The AVID motto quotes: "To change the world, you must first change yourself".

This school offers many other kinds of extra curriculum departments and classes, with a great program and a lot of activities and events, where students can enjoy the best years of their life and lead their life on a path of success and high academic education.

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